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The Office of One Callee McBorder

Sit down, I'll be right with you....

Callee McBorder
13 September
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This journal is, basically, a place where you can read the thoughs I don't include in my main account (dunder). Why don't I put them there? Well, because the stuff that goes in this LJ is a bit more racy than that which goes in the other. Think of the other as my smiling face, and this one the mind behind it.

What's in here, you ask? Well, whatever I feel should be. ^^ I'll evaluate anything and everything, be it of my own accord, or as a request from you (send all requests to callee_mcborder@yahoo.com). Not only will I do that, but I'll be sure to speak my mind, fully, about that which irritates me as I see fit.

Some of you may have found this through me other LJ. Congrats on your link-clicking abilities. Regardless, if you think I'm another aimless babbling idiot with no consideration for his thoughts, please turn back. I'm nary apt to sugar-coat this one for the lot of you, nor am I apt to talk about something without first making sure it's worth my time, because I'm sure arguments will be put up against me. That I can promise you.

In the end, I just hope to give a better understanding of how and why my mind works, and maybe even help to explain some things for some of you out there.

(If there's anything you'd like me to answer for you personally without putting it up in the journal, here, please note so in your e-mail and it will be kept strictly between the two of us. I shit you not.)

Salutes, and here's to a lifetime of wondering....